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Data do concerto: 20.02.2024









Obras de G. Cassadó, B. Lyatoshynskyj, F. Kuhlau, K. Vilelnsky, M.K. Kolomyka, M. Skoryk, L. v. Beethoven, M. Lysenko, I. J. Paderewski, B. Martinu, M. Ravel, V. Silvestrov, D. Popper e F. Kreisler


Data do concerto: 22.02.2024





Obras de F. Schubert, A. Dvorak, S. Bortiewicz, M. Lysenko, V. Ptushkin, J. Brahms, M. Ravel, K. L. Hintze, D. Malvi, L. Shukaylo, W. Lutoslawski e G. Anderson

Anatoly Bazhenov (VIOLIN) possesses all highest awards of Ukraine – he is the State prizewinner of name after T. Shevchenko, the People’s Artist, professor of the National Academy of music. (2009-2015, 2023 - p.t. - chief of the violin section).

He performed more than 3000 concerts as a very popular soloist, as chamber musician, he has been the first violin of the National quartet named after M. Lysenko from 1970, he often plays as the guest concertmaster of chamber & symphony orchestras.

Hundreds of cities within Ukraine, Asian & Baltic countries, Europe, America, Africa applauded him as well as the audience at concert halls “Gaveau” & “L. Auditorium les Halle” in Paris, “Alice Tully Hall” in New York, “Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall” in Las Vegas, “Rudolfinum” in Praque, “Izumi Hall” in Osaka, “Real teatro de S. Carlos de Lisboa” etc. Mr. Bazhenov performed concerts with symphony & chamber orchestras in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey.

He has played World premieres of numerous music pieces by Ukrainian composers such as Lyatoshynsky, Skoryk, Stankovych, Silvestrov, Karabitz, Zubitsky etc. The Ukrainian audience had a chance to listen for music pieces by Cambini, Respighi, Malipiero, Webern, Berg, Stockhausen, Bridge, Elgar, Piston, Nanes, Schnittke as the first- night performance.

Mr. Bazhenov was born in 1945 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, where he began violin studies with professor M. Liberman. In 1968 he graduated from Moscow Conservatory, where he worked with professor B. Belenkij, and moved to Kiev to compete his Doctoral studies at Kiev Conservatory with professor O. Kryssa.

Brilliant start of his career was in 1969. He performed the Prokofiev’s 2nd Violin Concerto with St. Petersbourg philharmonic symphony orchestra conducted by Yuri Temirkanov in the finals of All Union Violin Competition. Later he was awarded the special prize in 1972 “Prague Spring” International Violin Competition.

Mr. Bazhenov has made radio, LP, CD and TV recordings, and has been released on such labels as “Melodiya”, “Amati”, “ETCETERA”, “JRC”, “Voicelle”.


Anton Kushnir (FLUTE) is the professor of flute class, dean of the faculty of orchestral instruments of Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (UNTAM), PhD, the author of scientific studies with issues of history, theory, methods of performance on flute.

A. Kushnir is an Art Director of the International Flute Festival and Competition “Kyiv Flute Days”. Of the most significant recent events together with the Ukrainian pianist Maria Pukhlianko, it should be noted participation in the Erasmus+ program in Monopoli, Italy (2022), Trieste, Italy (2023) a concerts of Ukrainian music at the International festival “Weimar Flute Days” (Germany, 2022), “Freiburg Flute Festival” (2023) as well as the publication of Ukrainian pieces for flute solo by the Edition Svitzer (Denmark, 2023).

He was born in 1979 in Chernihiv (Ukraine). A. Kushnir received his professional education in UNTAM in the class of prof. Volodymyr Antonov and studied Postgraduate at the chamber music class of prof. Ludmila Tsvirko. A. Kushnir also perfected his skills at the Chopin University of Music (Warsaw, Poland) in the class of prof. Elzbieta Dastych-Szwarc.

- Laureate of the 1st prize of the XV Ukrainian National Competition;

- Laureate of the 1st prize of the International Competition "ART of XXI century";

Scholarship holder of:

- Program of the Ukrainian Culture Fund "NEW NAMES";

- Program of the Ministry of Culture of Poland "GAUDE POLONIA";

- DAAD (Germany);

A. Kushnir successfully combines pedagogical activity and varied performing activity - he is a soloist of The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine.


Maria Pukhlianko (PIANO) – an Honor Artist of Ukraine, laureate of international piano competitions, Doctor of philosophy (PhD), Professor of Summer musical academy (under patronage of International Competition for young pianists in memory of Vladimir Horowitz), associate Professor at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (UNTAM).


M. Pukhlianko is an art-director of the International Festival "Dynasty", director of the project "The art of playing with orchestra", an art-director of several projects: "The evenings of a piano art", "Multy-hands piano", "Beautiful Classic", ets.

M. Pukhlianko is a jury member and a chief of the jury-team in lots of piano competitions in different countries, including Ukraine, Spain, Japan and Israel.

Of the most significant recent events together with the Ukrainian flutist Anton Kushnir, it should be noted participation in the Erasmus+ program in Monopoli (Italy, 2022), a concerts of Ukrainian music at the International festival “Weimar Flute Days” (Germany, 2022), “Freiburg Flute Festival”, concerts of Ukrainian music in HSMC (Denmark, 2022) and OYPI (Israel, 2023).

She is also a director of ENSEMBLE OF SOLOISTS “SOLO PLUS” which was created by Maria Pukhlianko and Anton Kushnir at 2004.

She was born at the family of musicians. She graduated Master Degree at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (UNTAM).

Maria is a talented pianist who has a delicate sense of style, poetry, creative imagination, strong artistic will, musical conviction. She constantly plays with leading Ukrainian orchestras.

She performs with piano recitals at the well-known stages, has a lot of radio-records. She has recorded two CD – “Slavonic miniatures” and “Piano with orchestra: Maria Pukhlianko and Ensemble of soloists SOLO PLUS”.



Kateryna Polyanska is a professor of cello and quartet at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music and has a prestigious Merited Artist of Ukraine title. Kateryna is Laureate of the International Lysenko Competition (1997). She has a doctoral degree in music and philosophical sciences.

Dr. Polyanska has several scientific publications in journals included in the list of professional, scientific publications of Ukraine, participated in the certification of researchers as an official opponent. In 2018 she was appointed Deputy Dean of the Orchestra of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, where she taught cello, quartet, the study of the orchestral parts and music reading, lectures in The Cello Methods in Higher Education. From 2020 Prof. Kateryna Polyanska became the Head of the String Department at the Academy. 

Kateryna has extensive experience in performing and teaching. In different years she worked as a soloist and concertmaster in different orchestras, such as: the State Chamber Orchestra Kyiv Camerata, the State Chamber Ensemble Kyiv Soloists, the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the State Symphony Orchestra. Kateryna is actively performing around the world as a soloist and a member of the Kyiv String Quartet. She is a founder of the Student’s Cello Ensemble of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music.

Kateryna Polyanska is regularly invited to join various competitions’ juries, master classes, and other creative projects. She periodically takes part in art and music programs throughout Europe as a solo artist. Her numerous recordings regularly broadcasted over Ukrainian and world classical radio stations.


Kateryna Bazhenova (PIANO) is Merited Artist of Ukraine, soloist of National organ and chamber music of Ukraine, professor of chamber music at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music. She has taken part as an accompanist in many International festivals and competitions, such as Queen Elizabeth Vocal Competition in Brussel, Canadian Music Competition, “Enescu” Competition in Bucharest etc. From 2002 to 2007 she worked in Toronto teaching and accompanying at Toronto City Opera, Royal Conservatory of Music, and University of Toronto. In November 2007 she has got “A Best Competition Accompanist” Award from Lysenko International Competition in Kyiv. Kateryna Bazhenova performs as a soloist with symphony and chamber orchestras such as National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Chernihiv Symphony, “Camerata” etc. Also she performs internationally in Europe, Georgia, Japan, Canada an accompanist and chamber player with famous Ukraine and foreign musicians.


Bohdan Rumiantsev is a cellist and pianist. He has been studying at the Mariupol Music College from 2012 till 2016. In 2016 he entered the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music where he was completing his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Bohdan Rumiantsev is a laureate of numerous all-Ukrainian and international competitions. He actively performs in the leading concert halls of Ukraine, such as National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Ukrainian House etc.

He is co-organiser of the International Festival "Pearls of the Arts" (Kyiv, Ukraine) since 2018. In September 2022, he was appointed head of the international relations office and international relations coordinator of the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music.


The piano duo performer's CV

Ihor Sediuk and Oleh Kopeliuk



The piano duo Ihor Sediuk and Oleh Kopeliuk – both are Assistant Professor of the Special Piano Department in Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts, PhD, prize-winners of International music competition in "Solo" and "Piano duo" categories.

They received their Master's degree in Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts (KhNUA) in the year of 2012, studying in the class of the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor, PhD in the Art studies, president of Kharkiv I. P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts – Tetyana Vyerkina. Under her supervision, they were studying as graduate assistants in KhNUA till 2015. In 2018 both are graduated from the scientific postgraduate study of KhNUA.

The piano duo was formed in 2011. Their prize-winning achievements are marked by the following events: A. Karamanov International competition for pianists and piano duos (Moscow, Russia, 2012, 1 prize); International Youth music festival-competition "The night in Madrid" (Madrid, Spain, 2012, 1 prize); Maria Yudina International competition for pianists and piano duos (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013, Grand-prize); F. Chopin International competition for pianists and piano duos (Rome, Italy, 2014, 1 prize); International F. Schubert competition for piano duos (Jesenik, Czech republic, 2017, 3 prize); International F. Schubert competition for piano duos (Ruse, Bulgaria, 2017, 3 prize); III International Suzana Szorenyi Piano Duo Competition (Bucharest, Romania, 2019, 3 prize); II International WPTA Finland Piano Duo Competition (Helsinki, Finland, 2020, 2 prize); International Online Music Competition Berlin “Rising Stars – Grand Prix” (Germany, 2020, 3 prize); 23rd International Music Competition “Pietro Argento” on line edition (Italy, 2020, 2 prize); VI International Music competition (Belgium, 2020, 1 prize); I International Music competition “Malopolska 2021” (Poland, 2021, 2 prize); ІІ online Sviatoslav Richter International Piano Competition (South Korea, 2021, 1 prize); II International Music competition Citta di Maruggio (Italy, 2022, 1 prize).

Among the recent victories of the piano duo are 2 awards at the prestigious Ilmari Hannikainen International Competition of Piano Chamber Ensembles (2023, Finland) and the Grand Prix of the 5th International Piano Competition (2023, Poland).

The piano duo constantly participates in various music festivals and master-classes in Ukraine and abroad. The duo gives concerts in Ukraine and overseas (Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Finland, Croatia).

Oftentimes the duo performed with a symphonic orchestra. Three times piano duo received the scholarship of the International master classes "Tel-Hai" under the patronage of Evgeny Kissin (Israel, 2017, 2018, 2022) and took master classes in the outstanding piano duo A. Genova and L. Dimitrov (Bulgaria and Germany), Oksana Yablonskaya (Israel/USA).

In their concert repertoire, works for four hands, for two pianos and concertos with orchestra from the 18th to the 21st centuries (duration is approximately 16 hours).

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